Our Vision

Positivity is contagious.


Have you ever heard the phrase “Carpe diem”? It means “Seize the day” in Latin and was made famous by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. Similarly, we’re inspired by “Carpe bonum”, or “Seize the Good”. My name is Stephanie - and I am a lover of movers and shakers, non-profit organizations, and people seizing the good in the world. 


I try to start every morning with listening to the news (I studied public policy in college and being an informed citizen is important to me), but the news is usually horribly depressing. “If it bleeds, it leads”. I really wanted to hear about everyday heroes – people who are changing the world a little bit, or a whole lot, at a time.


Seize the Good is a podcast sharing positive stories and highlighting non-profit organizations, businesses doing good, social movements, and success stories of people helping people. 


Come join us by listening to the positive podcast with passionate people. Tune in for interviews with movers and shakers, believers and doers, and general world changers.

Much love,

Stephanie Page

Seize the Good Producer & Host